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Revolution How to Trade Bitcoin

Bitcoin Revolution - Should I trade bitcoin using an exchange?

Should I trade bitcoin using an exchange?

With exchanges, you are not interacting directly when you trade bitcoin. You would be trading on buy and sell pricing that is sourced from several other exchanges. All you need is a trading account to bid on the price of bitcoin.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency exchanges function the same way as a more traditional exchange. These allow the investor to purchase cryptocurrency from one seller and sell it to another buyer. There are quite a few advantages to not using an exchange for your trades.

They are not regulated and don’t have the infrastructure or public records that are required to support requests from users, and they are slow to respond to inquiries.

Their servers and matching engines are not reliable and can reduce the accuracy of execution or suspend markets on a whim.

Exchanges can enforce restrictions or fees for funding or withdrawals from your account. Account approval can also take days or an excessive amount of time.

When trading with bitcoin, you can take advantage of improved liquidity at your highest bid price or lowest offer price. When purchasing and selling directly from an exchange, you can only choose to accept prices offered to finalize your order.

Bitcoin Revolution - Day Trading Strategies

Trading Strategies for Bitcoin

Day Trading Strategies

Day trading with bitcoin will involve trading based on short term movements that stop at the end of the day’s trading.

It is a good strategy if you want to take advantage of short term opportunities in the market due to new emerging patterns in the market or news affecting bitcoin.

Swing Trading Strategies

Swing trading happens fast, and spots trends the moment they arrive. This kind of trading involves holding onto the trade until it ends or starts to go in the opposite direction.

It’s a useful strategy for you if you are looking to capitalize on new opportunities that happen during the momentum of the market.

Scalping Strategies

Scalping is when you place regular same-day trades on small pricing changes in the market.

Scalping is a good strategy if you are looking for smaller continuous profits instead of waiting for more significant moves in the market.

Automated Trading Strategies

You can automate your trading strategies to adjust to beneficial market conditions automatically. If you prefer passive trading, this might be the option for you.