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Bitcoin Revolution - SCAM OR NOT?


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Bitcoin Revolution - CHANGE YOURLIFE TODAY!

In 2017, a group of veteran traders teamed up with renowned economists and accomplished mathematicians to develop a day trading software that will trade the crypto markets with full automation. This marked the start of the Bitcoin Revolution journey, a software that has now practically established itself as the most popular crypto software in the world.

The actual identity of the Bitcoin Revolution inventors has remained unknown, but the performance of the software is out there for every investor to see. The software has helped investors of all levels to earn consistent profits out of the cryptocurrency market, with minimal intervention required.

The software has a user-friendly interface that is easily navigable even for new and inexperienced investors. Top traders had great input into the overall strategy implemented by the Bitcoin Revolution, but top FinTech technologies have also been applied to ensure that the software trades the crypto market with a near-perfect success rate. It is no doubt that the guarantee of consistent profits is the major reason why investors rank THE Bitcoin Revolution as the best crypto trading software in the world.

Bitcoin Revolution - CHANGE YOURLIFE TODAY!

When trading with the Bitcoin Revolution, investors have the option to use Manual or Automatic modes. You can toggle between the modes, depending on your trading needs, experience as well as prevailing market conditions.

The manual mode is intended for experienced traders who desire to retain a great degree of control over their trading activities. In this mode, the Bitcoin Revolution generates quality high probability trading signals, but it is the investor that decides whether the signals should be executed in the market. This may be ideal for the more experienced traders, but the obvious disadvantage is that the time lag in execution can impact on overall profit levels.

In contrast, the automatic mode can be utilised by both new and experienced traders. Virtually no human intervention is required when trading in automatic mode, but investors still have the option of altering trading parameters, such as trading times and trade amount as well as stop loss and profit target levels. All in all, the automatic mode of the Bitcoin Revolution represents the application of the inventors’ strategies at their best.

What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution - What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution has been acknowledged and honoured as the most profitable crypto trading software. The software won the top award in the ‘Trading Software’ category presented by the United States Trading Association.

Bitcoin Revolution - What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution allows investors to optimize their trading strategies so as to enhance their overall profitability. The software has historical market data of over 20 years to allow for accurate and efficient backtesting.

Bitcoin Revolution - What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

There is also a free and unlimited demo account for all Bitcoin Revolution users. This basically allows for forward testing in the live markets. Investors also get the chance to confirm the performance of the software before putting their capital at risk.

Bitcoin Revolution - What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution trades the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets with an incredible accuracy level of 99.4%. This clearly marks out the software as the most profitable and credible automated crypto trading software in the world.

Bitcoin Revolution - What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

When you join the Bitcoin Revolution family, you become part of an exclusive community of high earning investors who enjoy time and financial freedom. It is also free to become a member and no commissions are charged on your profits.

Bitcoin Revolution - What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution has a web-based interface and does not require any download, maintenance, or update. Access it on any device with an internet connection. This gives you the flexibility to trade at any time and from anywhere.

TRY Bitcoin Revolution NOW

Trading with the Bitcoin Revolution

New investors can quickly and easily start trading with the Bitcoin Revolution. The registration process is straightforward and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. As well, there are no fees or hidden charges required to start trading with the software. You will just be required to fund your trading account, and then activate the software to perform trading activities in your account. You have full rights to all profits earned using the Bitcoin Revolution as well as your initial capital and can withdraw these funds at any time you wish.

For newcomers looking to join, you will first be required to register and create an account on the website. Again – the software is free to use. However, if you want to use the live mode, an initial investment will be required. It will be used by you for your trades, and you will always be able to withdraw the initial funds and profits, at any point.

Follow the steps below to start trading with the best crypto software in the world:

Bitcoin Revolution - FIRST – REGISTERSign up to Join Bitcoin Revolution

Sign up to Join Bitcoin Revolution

Go to the Bitcoin Revolution homepage and fill out your registration details on the sign-up section. The details required are first name, last name, email address and phone number. You will also be prompted to create a unique password to secure your Bitcoin Revolution account.

Submit your sign-up form and wait for approval. After approval, you will be given a choice of reputable global brokerage firms that support the Bitcoin Revolution software.

Open a trading account with them to start trading with the Bitcoin Revolution. It is however important to first try out the software on a demo account before letting it run on real money. A demo account will also help you to understand all the platform idiosyncrasies of your preferred broker.

Bitcoin Revolution - SECOND – DEMO ACCOUNT‍Trade on a Demo Account

Trade on a Demo Account

All Bitcoin Revolution investor members can utilise the free and unlimited demo account provided by all partner brokers. Start trading with Bitcoin Revolution on a demo account funded with $1,500. The funds are virtual, but the price action mirrors the real markets.

Trading on a demo account will provide a clear picture of the risks and profits that Bitcoin Revolution investors are exposed to.

Investors can also try out different strategies and get to learn how to navigate their broker’s trading platform.

Bitcoin Revolution - THIRD – TRADE LIVE‍Trade on a Real Account for Real Money

Trade on a Real Account for Real Money

After a good performance on a demo account, it may be time to transition to a live account. You will now be trading on a real account, with real money, for real profits. Navigate to your Trading Room to select your trading strategy as well as the manner that trading signals will be executed on your account.

On your Real Account page, you will view some content as follows:

Bitcoin Revolution - THIRD – TRADE LIVE‍Trade on a Real Account for Real Money

Account History

Here, traders can view the entire history of their deposits, trades, profits, losses, and withdrawals. This is like a detailed trading log, which helps traders assess the success/failure of the software.

Bitcoin Revolution - THIRD – TRADE LIVE‍Trade on a Real Account for Real Money

Strategy Tester

This button provides quick access to the Strategy Tester window, where investors can optimize their trading strategies so as to boost their overall profitability.

Bitcoin Revolution - THIRD – TRADE LIVE‍Trade on a Real Account for Real Money

Navigation Panel

The Bitcoin Revolution Navigation Pane helps investors access quick settings on the software. Investors can switch between their different Bitcoin Revolution accounts and even open a new demo account quickly and conveniently. There is also the option to switch between manual and automated trading modes, as well as a one-click button to set your preferred trading parameters.

Bitcoin Revolution - THIRD – TRADE LIVE‍Trade on a Real Account for Real Money

Market Watch

The Market Watch window allows investors to instantly view the charts of their favourite assets. This window also displays the profits/losses of your trading account in real-time. Investors get to assess the live performance of the software and can also view and close the current open transactions.

**Bitcoin Revolution investors can earn profits out of the price action of numerous tradable assets that include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and Dash. There are also innovative and lucrative crypto/crypto pairs as well as crypto/fiat pairs. Investors can also trade Forex pairs such as EURUSD and USDJPY. Simply set your trade parameters (or use the default settings), click the “Auto Trade” button, and then sit back and watch Bitcoin Revolution practically print money for you.

Bitcoin Revolution - FOURTH – DEPOSIT & TRADE‍Fund your Account and Start Trading

Fund your Account and Start Trading

After opening your Bitcoin Revolution account, you will also be required to open a trading account with your preferred brokerage account. You can start trading with the software after making a minimum deposit $250. The deposit serves as your starting capital and you can withdraw it (and your profits as well) anytime you desire.
Bitcoin Revolution is free of charge, with no hidden charges or commissions applied to your profits!

You have full control over your profits and can decide whether to make withdrawals or compound your capital.

You can start trading immediately once you make a successful deposit. Bitcoin Revolution brokerage partners support safe, secure, and convenient payment methods such as major Debit/Credit cards, popular eWallets and bank wire. They will also provide you with access to effective trading tools and features as well as professional customer service and support.

Bitcoin Revolution - Need More Information?

Make Money with Bitcoin Revolution

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated crypto trading software that gives every type of investor a real chance to make real money out of the cryptocurrency market. Investors start with as low as $250 and earn average profits of at least $1000 daily.

There is no doubt that Bitcoin Revolution is the most popular, automated crypto trading software in the world based on multiple reviews available online and numerous testimonials from real users.
Investors enjoy the rare opportunity to earn passive income out of the lucrative cryptocurrency market. Many users simply take less than 20 minutes to set their preferred trading parameters before activating the Bitcoin Revolution to generate profits round the clock.

Final Word

Bitcoin Revolution is comprehensive trading software, with handy features and powerful technologies that ensure investors get maximum exposure to the lucrative trading opportunities in the market.

The software trades the crypto market with a near-perfect success rate, allowing practically any type of investor to make massive profits in a passive manner. You can take the chance to change your life with the best crypto trading software in the world.

Need More Information?

You can go throughout our website and learn all you can about the Bitcoin Revolution. It is important to understand the different features and settings of the software as well as the idiosyncrasies of your preferred broker’s platform. And if you need more information or any clarification, simply Contact Us, we will be more than happy to help.

Bitcoin Revolution Scam Review

Bitcoin Revolution - Bitcoin Revolution: Legit or Scam?

Automated trading represents the best way to trade any strategy in the market. It is no wonder that most investors are now looking to go the automation way so as to boost their profit margins.

Bitcoin Revolution offers such a solution.

It is an automated cryptocurrency trading software that was developed and launched in 2017. The software applies multiple advanced trading strategies to trade cryptocurrencies with amazing accuracy levels.

Using top technologies as well, the Bitcoin Revolution is able to stay ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds, thereby guaranteeing maximum profits for investors. We review below whether the software lives up to its hype or it is simply just another scam!

Bitcoin Revolution: Legit or Scam?

Automated trading software enhances trading activity compared to manual strategies. Such software eliminates subjective human emotions out of the trading decision-making loop and ensures that a strategy is implemented at its optimal best in the market. Still, there are always some doubts about the authenticity of software that posts high success rates, such as the Bitcoin Revolution.
There are numerous positive reviews of the software online, most of them from trusted and verifiable users. But some critics have also raised some concerns such as the reason why the identities of founders are not revealed as well as the underlying strategies the software trades with. Nonetheless, it is understandable why the founders would want to protect their identities in this open, digital world; and it is not uncommon for most automated software developers to develop black-box strategies.

Yet, the founders have also let out the reason why the Bitcoin Revolution manages to trade with high accuracy levels. The time leap feature allows the software to stay ahead of the markets by 0.01 seconds, while VPN functionality guarantees the best execution at all times.

With numerous unethical persons around, it is important to take due care when choosing an automated trading software. But in every aspect, the Bitcoin Revolution has performed admirably when subjected to our Scam Test. Numerous investors who started out with just $250, are now making daily profits of at least $1,000 and withdrawing any time they wish to.


Bitcoin Revolution - Public Reviews

Bitcoin Revolution is the most popular cryptocurrency trading software, and there have been numerous links with top celebrities and shows, with speculation that some top figures are using the software to make big money. There is scanty evidence that this is true, with no celebrity yet to come out to verify the claims publicly. Regardless, Bitcoin Revolution is the most successful crypto trading software and it is understandable that the rumour mill never stops running.

Here are some of the popular TV shows associated with the Bitcoin Revolution:

Bitcoin Revolution - Dragons’ DenBitcoin Revolution - Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is a popular British TV show that gives entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch their ideas to 5 multimillionaire investors. Where do the investors get their unlimited funds? With the big profits that the Bitcoin Revolution generates, this makes some people imagine that it is the Bitcoin Revolution that is funding the investors.

Bitcoin Revolution - Shark TankBitcoin Revolution - Shark Tank

Shark Tank

Shark Tank is an American business hit show that follows the format of Dragons’ Den. Bitcoin Revolution has seen its name linked with some Shark Tank investors but there is yet to be any tangible evidence to support the claims.

Bitcoin Revolution - This Morning
(British TV Programme)Bitcoin Revolution - This Morning
(British TV Programme)

This Morning
(British TV Programme)

This Morning is a popular British TV programme that discusses a wide range of topical issues and features celebrities of all walks of life. Some celebrities who have featured on the show have been rumoured to belong to the Bitcoin Revolution family, but there have been no mentions on the show.

What is the Bitcoin Revolution?

Bitcoin Revolution is an automated cryptocurrency trading software. The team that developed the software is made up of veteran traders, economists, mathematicians, and computer scientists. The software has been designed to trade the markets without any intervention from investors. It performs all trading functions from market scanning, price analysis and signal generation to order execution and risk management with full automation.

Bitcoin Revolution utilises advanced high-frequency trading strategies to generate profits for investors round the clock. The software has amazing features that further boosts its success rate, such as Time Leap and VPN functionality. Despite its powerful features, the Bitcoin Revolution has a simple user-friendly interface that is convenient for both new and experienced users. New and inexperienced investors can easily navigate and make money with the software, while there are enough customisation options for experienced investors to boost their profitability. It is free to join the Bitcoin Revolution community and to use the best crypto trading software to make money on a daily basis. There are also no fees charged on your deposits and no commissions on your profits. As well, there are no restrictions at all on when or how to make withdrawals.

How the Bitcoin Revolution Works

It is easy and straightforward to start making money with the Bitcoin Revolution. It is free to join the Bitcoin Revolution community and to also use the software in demo mode. But if you want to make real money, you will have to open and fund a real trading account.

Bitcoin Revolution - Step 1Sign Up on Bitcoin Revolution

Step 1
Sign Up on Bitcoin Revolution

Sign up to join the Bitcoin Revolution family by filling out the registration form available on the website homepage. The details required are only your first and second names, email address and phone number. You will receive a confirmation email to activate your account if your application is approved. You will also be given a recommended list of brokers who have partnered with the Bitcoin Revolution.

Bitcoin Revolution - Step 2Demo Trade

Step 2
Demo Trade

Every new Bitcoin Revolution investor can start to make demo trades with an account funded with $1,500 in virtual money. It is important to take advantage of this so as to learn and try out the different features of the software. Trading on a demo account serves as a perfect practice arena for any investor before transitioning to a real account.

Bitcoin Revolution - Step 3Open a Live Account

Step 3
Open a Live Account

After practising on a demo account, it is now time to transition to live trading so as to start making real money. Your live account trading panel is detailed to allow you to monitor all your trading activities with ease and convenience. There is an Account section where you can set different parameters and perform account settings, such as changing leverage, resetting the password, uploading your documents and activating VPS services.

On the Deposit and Withdrawals page you can check out your deposit history, pending withdrawals, completed withdrawals and your open positions. There is also the Research and Education section where traders can view additional trade ideas, trading tools and educational resources.
There is also the section to switch between live and demo trading modes. Click ‘Demo Trade’ to trade with virtual funds for virtual profits or click ‘Go Live’ when you want to trade with real money for real profits.

Bitcoin Revolution - Step 4Deposit and Earn Profits

Step 4
Deposit and Earn Profits

After opening a live trading account, you just need to fund it and start trading for real profits. All Bitcoin Revolution partner brokers operate efficient payment systems and allow investors to make deposits or withdrawals using safe and convenient payment methods, such as major Debit/Credit Cards, secure Bank Wire and popular eWallets. You can start earning profits as soon as you make a successful deposit.

How the Bitcoin Revolution Compares with Other Software

Bitcoin Revolution

  • Demo Account to allow the investor to test and verify performance before committing real money.
  • Quick and Easy registration
  • Free Software
  • Minimum deposit of $250 with Bitcoin Revolution broker partners
  • High Success Rate of above 95%

Other Software

  • No Demo Account. Investors must risk their hard-earned money from the word go.
  • Complicated sign up procedure
  • Expensive Software
  • High initial capital required
  • Poor methodology that results in lower success rates that limit profitability

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Revolution


  • Free Software. Bitcoin Revolution is free to join and use to trade.
  • High Success Rate. By combining top technologies and advanced strategies, the software trades the crypto market with a success rate of above 95%.
  • Daily Profits. The software trades the crypto markets round the clock, which guarantees big profits daily.
  • Demo Account. Try out the Bitcoin Revolution in the real market but with virtual funds before committing real money.
  • Flexible and Convenient Trading. Bitcoin Revolution has a web-based interface which is easily accessible on both desktop and mobile browsers.


  • Limited Spots Available. Bitcoin Revolution is only available for a limited amount of time, to limited investors.
  • Trading Risk. Trading is inherently risky, and losses can be realised in the market.

Bitcoin Revolution Features

Bitcoin Revolution is no doubt a superior, automated Bitcoin and crypto trading software.
Here are some of its features:


Multiple Assets

Bitcoin Revolution allows investors to profit from the price action of numerous assets that include Bitcoin and other crypto coins/tokens, such as Ethereum Dash, Monero and Litecoin. You can also trade currency pairs such as EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY.


Reputable Brokers

Bitcoin Revolution has only partnered with reputable brokers whose platforms support the optimal performance of the software. All the brokers have a global reputation and offer the best possible trading environment for a successful investing career.


Efficient Payment Methods

All the brokers run efficient payment methods that allow traders to start trading immediately once a successful deposit has been made. And when you are ready to make withdrawals, the process is smooth, so it does not take long to start enjoying your profits.


Demo Account

Test Bitcoin Revolution on a demo account that simulates the real market. Try out or tweak your trading strategies without putting any money on the line. Start trading for real profits after you have optimised your strategies on the practice ground that is a Demo Account.


Consistent Profits

Bitcoin Revolution trades the crypto market round the clock using high-frequency trading strategies. With no centralised system, the cryptocurrency market is open 24/7, meaning that the Bitcoin Revolution generates profits round the clock. Bitcoin Revolution trades with a high success rate which guarantees members daily profits of at least $1,000.


Bitcoin Revolution - Conclusion

Bitcoin Revolution is a revolutionary software that provides all types of investors with an opportunity to gain exposure to the lucrative cryptocurrency market. The software trades with a success rate of above 95% and more or less guarantees investors a source of consistent passive income. There are, of course, concerns about the validity of the software, but objective reviews of the software point to a legitimate automated crypto trading software.

Get started with the Bitcoin Revolution and change your life forever

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